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Cool Projects is home for a couple of Free Software projects, most of them being useful for Linux or BSD boxen. Each project resides under a subdomain of and may appear in an entirely different outfit, so don't be frightened :)

The overview pages here are designed to be compact and internationalized.

Most of the projects found here were formerly hosted on, but the increasing demand made me hosting them on a real web server.

Josef, 04.01.2004


12.08.2005: The Repository of Cool Project has been migrated to Subversion. All relevant projects have been brought together in the course.
06.08.2005: Kamikaze 0.2.1 has been released, with many smaller changes and bug fixes.
01.07.2005: Long time no updates! But there are two new projects...
TarDiff, Dispositionator

27.11.2004: Relokate 0.4 released. The game does now offer GHNS support.
27.11.2004: Pyntor 0.2 released. The Pyro project has been renamed to Pyntor.
23.11.2004: Pyntor 0.1 released.
05.06.2004: KDE Radio Station 0.6 released.

Cool Projects - Josef Spillner, 2004, 2005